From Traditional to Transitional: How the Nation's Retirement Model Is Changing 

81% of employers say they have workers delaying retirement because they feel financially trapped.1

In the new retirement landscape, where employers say the average retirement age of their workforce will continue to rise, and some workers expect they will never retire, employers must re-think their workforce management strategy. It is important that benefits, programs and practices meet the needs of the full workforce — providing both various paths to retirement for older workers wishing to transition out of the workforce and advancement opportunities for younger workers. While saving for retirement is a critical first step, employers may be better positioned to help their employees confidently retire on time by offering a defined contribution plan with an option to convert some or all of their savings into a guaranteed income solution.

In MetLife’s latest “Evolving Retirement Model Study,” we explore how employers are addressing the needs of an aging workforce and the generations that follow.

In this study, you’ll learn:
  • How many workers never expect to retire?
  • Why are some workers delaying retirement?
  • What impact does this have on younger workers?
  • Who is responsible for retirement security?

Download MetLife’s Evolving Retirement Model Study today.
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1. MetLife’s Evolving Retirement Model Study, February 2020.

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