Some Do Some, Few Do All.

The importance of finding an OCIO provider that does it all. Even if you’re partially outsourcing.

For institutional investors, a large part of a CIO’s job description is marshalling a virtual org chart. A CIO’s team likely includes money managers, trustees, custodians, risk management specialists, portfolio performance specialists, trading desks, overlay services, asset liability modeling pros and more. It’s a lot to handle. Which leads me to this question: If all those capabilities are the responsibility of a CIO, then shouldn’t they all be the responsibility of outsourced CIO? 

They should. An OCIO provider should have the capability of handling all those tasks—the complete job description. But most cannot. Most OCIO providers are forced to tell their clients that they, the provider, can manage some—or perhaps even most—of those tasks, but the client will still have to manage some parts on their own. So, in reality, what they call OCIO—outsourced CIO—is really just partial outsourcing. And really just a partial solution.

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